D.G. Price & Co.’s practice in the area of work accident claims involves the following:

  1. Providing advice and representation to injured workers claiming workers compensation benefits including;
  • interim claims for payment of weekly benefits or medical expenses;
  • representation at WorkCover hearings including conciliation conferences and arbitration hearings;
  • conducting settlement negotiations;
  • advice on common law rights and limitation periods;
  • arranging whole person impairment medical assessments to identify lump sum compensation entitlements;
  • advice in relation to settlement offers.


  1. Providing advice and assistance to injured workers who are entitled to claim damages in negligence or at common law for personal injuries arising from a work accident including:
  • accident investigation and assessment;
  • advice on liability and quantum; and
  • litigation of claims in District and Supreme Courts.


  1. Providing advice and assistance to uninsured employers faced with a workers compensation claim including:
  • advice on liability to the General Fund of WorkCover;
  • potential criminal charges arising from any failure to hold workers’ compensation insurance.
  1. Representation of employers and businesses who have proceedings issued against them in connection with a worker claiming damages for work-related injury including:




  • David Price, Principal