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March 17, 2020

Public Liability Claims and the Civil Liability Act

Extraordinary license Application

If your driver’s license has been disqualified by a Court in Western Australia for a traffic offence you may be eligible to apply for an extraordinary driver’s license (EDL). An extraordinary license is granted at the discretion of the Court and can only be granted for Court imposed disqualifications. Unfortunately, if your license has been suspended under a fine or demerit point suspension you will not be eligible to apply.

In order to apply for an extraordinary license you must make an application to the Court that imposed the disqualification. There are certain waiting periods that you must adhere to prior to applying for an extraordinary licence. These begin from the day your license is disqualified and their time limit depends on the circumstances in which your license disqualification occurred.

The application process requires the applicant to address and evidence a multitude of relevant criteria which will ultimately enable the Court to decide whether or not to grant an extraordinary driver’s license. Whilst it is not necessary for a lawyer to apply for an extraordinary license on your behalf there are several advantages to engaging a lawyer’s assistance. Our criminal defence solicitors have over 25 years of combined experience and have dealt with many extraordinary license applications. Our experienced traffic lawyers will draft your written application ensuring that it meets the relevant criteria and represent you at your court appearance. If you would like to discuss how D.G. Price & Co. can help you contact us here.